Kellyanne Conway

In Claudia Conway, I see a Gen-Z alter-ego, a teenager I might have been.
Conway made a surprise announcement about stepping down from her top role in the misogynistic leader's administration earlier in the week.
The longtime aide to Trump said she was stepping away at the end of the month to focus on her family.
The president was immediately accused of “lying” and of being a “clown”.
White House counselor and Trump ally Kellyanne Conway was furious earlier this year when she heard reports of an administration official saying "kung flu."
Kellyanne Conway's interview did not go as planned.
The White House counsellor also threatened to start delving into the personal lives of reporters.
Trump aide was defending US president's racist "go home" tweets aimed at four Democrat politicians.
'I think Theresa May's last day was basically as we were leaving the UK last month.'