Photograph Fi Bird On Christmas Eve at around 4 o'clock you'll find me making mince pies listening to Carols from Kings College
Over the summer months landlocked folk who holiday by the sea, might check up on tide times and chase a low spring tide (when the sea retreats to expose rocks usually covered by water). Dulse is a delicious red seaweed to look out for
Many Scottish and Irish recipes use carrageen, which was historically given as a tonic to consumptives.Traditional seaweed recipes however, also include dulse and laver but the seaweed recipe library is sparse and instruction is rarely didactic.
As autumn creeps upon us, the Island nights are drawing in. Soon the cows and sheep will return to the machair (fertile land by the sea) and so, local crofters are lifting their crops before the animal are put back to graze.
I was once asked if I worried about my arsenic intake due to the amount of seaweed that my family and I eat. It was one of
Don't be greedy, leave some seaweed for others to enjoy too. There is an increasing number of artisan purveyors of seaweed to supply the hard working, landlocked or both.