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The Sun's coverage amplified the grief of the families and fans. The hurt caused was deep and genuine. The effects of the paper's tawdry coverage has lasted for nearly three decades. But Kelvin MacKenzie, the editor at the time, now says he was "completely duped" after being fed the story by a press agency. Pull the other one. This is the classic defence of ignorance, in this case, from the ignorant... why do they persist with MacKenzie? He is a disgrace to journalism and an abiding symbol of how the paper isn't really sorry for the hurt and harm it did to the Hillsborough families and Liverpool more generally.
Kelvin MacKenzie has delivered an insensitive eulogy to the Independent newspaper titles just minutes after their demise
Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie earned boos and catcalls from the Question Time audience after suggesting people are “not
Ninety-six fans, sons and daughters never made it home, and it was all the fault of their fellow Liverpool supporters. This was the narrative that Margaret Thatcher played a crucial role in perpetuating. There will have been few tears shed on Merseyside on Monday evening at her demise.
So in the Sun today when a phone goes on the Sun newsdesk and the journalists are told a shocking story they then ask the nervous caller a strange question; Are you a state employee? Because if you are, no matter how big or important your story is, we cannot listen to you or pay you money for your information because both of us stand a healthy chance of being arrested. Meanwhile, the Jimmy Savile's of this world will go free while those wanting to expose them face going to jail.
Welcome the natural evolution of Kelvin MacKenzie being doorstepped: Kelvin MacKenzie being doorstepped - the remix. Yes
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