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Labour leader decides to act after ex-Mayor's lack of apology
Long-serving ex-Head of Risk Management speaks out
Jeremy Corbyn has ordered a fresh investigation into Ken Livingstone’s “grossly insensitive” remarks about Jews and Hitler
The decision yesterday, and to be frank this ongoing issue over the past weeks and months, have hurt and damaged a fine Labour party reputation of tackling racism. These problems are not confined to Labour, but if this is left to fester in our party, if we turn a blind eye, how on earth can we expect others to do differently - and how can we continue to be the force for change and standing up for what is right - the reason so many joined our party in the first place. Anti-Semitism truly has no place in Labour. It's not enough to say the words. For the sake of our values members, our party and our country, we have to stand up and make it true.
An old white man saying something bigoted. The sound of outraged reactionaries complaining about an assault on Christian holidays. A nation on the verge of declaring war because of a minor diplomatic scuffle. There is nothing like America at Christmastime.
But Shadow Attorney General Baroness Chakrabarti, who conducted an investigation into the allegations of anti-semitism last
Former friends say he's 'sullied' his own record.
Former mayor of London judged to have brought Labour into disrepute.
He found 1980s fame as “Red Ken” and scored a Millennial resurrection as “Citizen Ken”. If he’d been expelled from the Labour