Kennedy Space Center

The only passenger is a life-size test dummy, named Ripley.
Rental car collided with pick-up truck on way back from Kennedy Space Centre.
SpaceX’s successful maiden flight of its Falcon Heavy rocket puts humans one step closer to Mars.
Brian Duffy is former NASA astronaut, now an ambassador for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Here he vlogs for The Huffington Post UK on the differences between life on earth and life in space and the race to take a human to Mars.
Read more on The Huffington Post Elon Musk was on hand to oversee the second launch of 2017 for SpaceX and what will now
As I arrive at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, I spot the full-size mock-up of a space shuttle looking ready to launch. It has the orange twin solid rocket boosters on either side of it and is 184 ft. tall. During the tour I find out that Atlantis flew 125,935,769 miles in space. Wow!
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Video streaming by Ustream Space Shuttle Atlantis is preparing to land for the final time, ending NASA's 30-year shuttle