kenyan elections

It is in the nature of elections that they divide people. They force us to make choices, and in fragile societies with divided communities, those divisions can be dangerous, which is why so often elections can lead to violence.
On 4 March the first Kenyan general election will take place since the disputed 2007 elections which resulted in the violent death of over 1,300 people and the internal displacement of up to 750,000 people.
Given that the next elections in Kenya are just a few days away, now is perhaps a useful time to remind ourselves of the debates that took place five years ago about how the international media covered the elections and their aftermath.
About a third of Nairobi's population - around 1 million people - live in slums. These settlements are deemed "illegal," so they are not recognized in government plans for schools. Household poverty, poor child health and nutrition and extensive child labour provide formidable barriers to education.