Keogh report

The National Health Service in Wales is struggling. Despite the hard work of staff, its recovery is nowhere in sight and serious questions marks hang over standards of care. Indeed, many of the problems within the Welsh NHS are escalating...
Clinics must be held accountable for their records. Like John Ryan of MYA Clinics pointed out, if an organization as massive as the National Health Service are publishing increasing amounts of clinical data, so should the private sector.
Maybe the example set by Dr Leah will actually help the reputation of clinics who work hard to provide outstanding training, service, and facilities, and truly separate the wheat from the chaff- the great clinics from the dodgy salons.
An NHS chief has reportedly apologised to Labour's health spokesman after the Conservatives used a report he wrote to attack
Could the NHS have done better? Of course. Is the NHS 'fixed'? Well, it's hard to know quite what that means. But even at a time when the money was flowing it seems the NHS managed to squeeze a bit extra out of every health care pound: productivity increased by around 0.6% per year between 2000-2010.
The NHS is not broken or clapped out, but nor am I naïve enough to think that it is it perfect everywhere. The real challenge is to drive excellence through the NHS, and that's what Government frankly should be seeking to achieve. Where local NHS services are substandard or failing, that is a betrayal of all the NHS stands for and I know this from my own local experience.
The cosmetic treatments industry has had a call to arms. Wednesday saw the release of the Keogh Report, a review on cosmetic treatment procedures commissioned by the government, led by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, and huge changes for practitioners are nigh.