Kevin Spacey

"Egerton’s impulse is not to empathise with any of the victims."
Is the show's final series worth a watch, even through new eyes?
"To rip it out from everybody because of one thing wouldn’t be telling the true story."
As a wave of Me Too allegations rocked the entertainment world, Kevin Spacey was one of the high profile names accused of sexual misconduct. The Old Vic theatre in London, where Spacey was artistic director until 2015, has put in place a new system to ensure staff feel comfortable in reporting instances of abuse, harassment and bullying. And the rest of the industry is starting to follow suit.
The streaming service severed ties with Spacey following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.
The actor is being investigated in the UK over six sexual assault claims spanning 22 years.
'I didn’t know the man. I knew the incredible craftsman that he is.'