Key West

The 2018 arrest showed "how our educational and policing systems train children to be criminals by treating them like criminals," said lawyer Benjamin Crump.
Some places are best seen while riding in a top-down convertible, the sun in the air and the fresh, salty scent of the sea
When you leave the mainland and begin your journey down the Overseas Highway to the Florida Keys, it is as if you have entered another country, another time. The Keys have a bit of the Wild, Wild West about them and everyone seems ready to party. It is the 'come as you are' relaxed vibe that draws visitors here.
In Key West Florida one does not expect to be greeted with the question of are you Scottish? Ironically the touristic Caribbean island has had numerous visitors from the UK and Ireland in recent years. Local radio station Island 107.1 FM says they regularly receive request from Oban in the Scottish highlands.
A trip like this could not come more recommended. The cruise was a reasonable price and allowed us to see the best of the island. Everything about Key West was stunning and the boat trip highlighted that by ending our day with a sunset view from the water.