Recent reform victories are reshaping the landscape of the oldest debate in drug policy. As Uruguay passed historic legislation
The government has been slammed for its "baffling" decision to ban the herbal drug khat. The Home Affairs Select Committee
Legal cannabis should be "considered", according to the recently appointed Crime Prevention Minister. Norman Baker, who is
It has become an indelible etching on the national psyche; cannabis and psychosis dovetail like fish and chips. The impact of cannabis on the mind has been well documented in the British press, but it remains an unfortunate muddle as the link is as far from clear as one is led to believe.
To some, khat, variously spelled cott or qat, is known as "the flower of paradise". The leaves are chewed by many people in countries like Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia, in much the same way that coca leaves are chewed in South America. It's a social drug used by millions of people, and in Muslim countries it offers a high that is not banned by the Koran.
As the government's arbitrary decision to ban Khat still resonates and incongruently flies in the face of evidence, it seems
Khat, the herbal stimulant drug is to be banned by the Home Secretary, against the recommendation of the government's official
Designer drugs have led to a surge in UK hospital admissions, an international drugs agency has warned, as a report revealed
Three men appeared in court on Saturday charged following a counter-terrorism investigation into a network suspected of smuggling
Seven people have been arrested in dawn raids across the country on suspicion of funding terrorism, Scotland Yard has said