Kiaran Stapleton

Leading judges have been urged to overturn sentences imposed on two murderers and a rapist which prevent them ever being
A killer who labelled himself "Psycho" after murdering an Indian student has been jailed for life with a minimum of 30 years
A laughing, smirking murderer who walked up to a complete stranger and shot him dead should never be released from prison
Kiaran Stapleton has been found guilty by a jury at Manchester Crown Court of murdering Indian student Anuj Bidve. Stapleton
A killer who shot dead an Indian student was "purposeful" in throwing a mop bucket of hot water over a fellow inmate, a jury
A killer who shot dead an Indian student in a random attack has told a jury: "I love prison. Lock me up for 65 years." Kiaran
A killer who gunned down an Indian student has been accused of mocking his trial with a remark about his goldfish. Kiaran
A man who shot dead an Indian student then labelled himself "Psycho" in court has told a jury that he felt "nothing" when
A gunman who labelled himself "Psycho" joked that police would not find him at a hotel near to where he shot dead a stranger
A gunman who shot an Indian student dead at close range gave a "sarcastic laugh" after pulling the trigger, a jury heard