Kidney Donations

The parents of a baby who died just 100 minutes after he was born say their son "lived and died a hero" after he became Britain's
An 86-year-old woman has donated her kidney at a UK hospital, saying that she did not need two kidneys to watch television
A couple who split 20 years ago have rekindled their romance – after he donated her a kidney. Gordon Henry, 53, and Jo Macfarlane
Scientists in America have come one step coser to the dream of growing human organs in a lab by successfully engineering
A controversial website offering patients the chance to plead for kidney donations will launch in the UK tomorrow. The US
A few years ago, my dad lost a kidney because of misdiagnosed kidney stones. He was annoyed, and so was I, but there was no naming and shaming and no demand for compensation.
An 83-year-old man has achieved a double by becoming the oldest living kidney donor in the UK and the oldest person in the
Source: SWNS A four-year-old boy who is only allowed to eat one chip per month is set to have his life transformed by a 48