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When work is hectic and home life its usual mix of chaos, absurdity and laughter, finding new activity ideas for kids is the last thing on my mind. Inspiration alludes me.
With weather as uncertain as the political climate, planning for a British summer holiday can feel like an impossible task. But you know it's worth it. Come mid-August, on the third rainy day in a row, you'll be so glad you took five minutes to prepare...
For the English schools, we are about to head into the long summer holidays, those of you who read in Scotland or America, you are already headlong into them! We all know how wonderful the summer holidays can be: A time to be free from routine! However, it can also be a time when we hear a record amount of times, 'I AM BORED'!
Medical advances that improve our chances of survival, discoveries that help us to understand our place in the universe and technological advances that mean we can all hold a cutting-edge computer in our hands are all underpinned by scientific research.
The recent news reports about the launch of a mobile phone for four-year-olds have caused a real stir in the media and raise questions around the role of technology in family life. Is there really a need for a four-year-old to have his or her own mobile phone?