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With weather as uncertain as the political climate, planning for a British summer holiday can feel like an impossible task. But you know it's worth it. Come mid-August, on the third rainy day in a row, you'll be so glad you took five minutes to prepare...
Don't kids just play the best games when they're young? Okay, take away the iPad from the mix and think about games that
Danny Kitchen, a 5 year-old from Bristol, racked up a bill of £1700 in less than 10 minutes. He'd been buying bombs in the 'free' app Zombies vs. Ninja at £69.99 per pack. He bought 19, as well as various other bonuses. When asked what happened Danny said, "I'm not sure how I did it, I thought it was free."
Beyond the headlines around the PS4 and Xbox One battle was a fight for the hearts and minds of younger players between Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity. Particularly interesting this year was a range of new figures for Skylanders that can be mixed and matched to create custom characters both with the toys themselves and in-game.