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Panic about coronavirus doesn’t serve anyone – especially not kids.
Low-income families face unique challenges when it comes to raising healthy kids.
Christmas. A time for giving and receiving. This year, I would like to thank Santa for the gift of threadworms. My kids asked for a hamster but worms were an interesting alternative. To be honest, nits would have been preferable and I never thought I'd hear myself say that.
If we really want to know how we can correct our children's eating habits we need to understand that it isn't the kids who are at fault, it's our assumptions about the kids that have brought us to this point.
Without really noticing we've been heading towards the end of the traditional outdoors childhood. Something that many millions of adults took for granted is becoming the exception rather than the norm for today's children, where-ever they live. Roaming ranges are down, physical activity is down and the ability of children to identify common wildlife is being lost.
The point is that being a mum, whether you are working or not working, is no easy feat. Shouldn't we be supportive of each other regardless of our choice (or non-choice) about whether to work or not? At the very least, surely we shouldn't pass judgment on each other.