Kim Davis

Kim Davis is the SVP and Head of Human Resources for NFP, a leading insurance broker and consultant providing employee benefits
For those who've never been involved in the struggles that led us to where we are today, it's never too late. It might not always be obvious, but to repeat what Stonewall keeps saying - because ultimately they are right - there's still work to do.
The Vatican distanced Pope Francis from Kim Davis on Friday after it was revealed that the pontiff took a meeting with the
NEW YORK -- What a terrific guy the pope is, bowling in to the US Congress to demand reluctant Republicans take action on
Pope Francis has spoken out after being questioned on religious beliefs and gay marriage licenses, as he returns home from
Having denied homosexuals their legal right to marry, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis played the victim on Monday, sobbing to ABC
NEW YORK -- In case there wasn’t enough pretend persecution and paranoia imbued in the ongoing plight of Kentucky clerk Kim
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NEW YORK -- Supporters of Kim Davis cheered on Tuesday when the clerk walked free following a reversal by the judge who sent
NEW YORK -- Gay couples in Rowan County finally received marriage licenses on Friday, issued by the Kentucky courthouse that