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Despite North Korea failing to make it to the World Cup in Brazil this year (they did make it to South Africa in 2010), leader
Kim Jong un, the leader of North Korea, flies around in a private jet, similar to Air Force One, pictures published by state
Little was know about Kim Jong Un before his father's death, and even after his accession to the post of supreme leader of
Crowds bow to the statues of North Korea's late leader Kim Jong Il and his father Kim Il Sung Kim also runs a country that
While US President Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye are due to meet in Washington DC on 7 May to hammer out a solution, the local population in Seoul appears to be astoundingly nonplussed about the threats, having heard a lot of the same in the past.
A madman, a lunatic, North Korea’s psychopath… even Eddie Mair felt comfortable speculating if Kim Jong un was "just nuts
North Korea has announced plans to restart its mothballed nuclear facilities. In a move that will add to recent tensions
It’s a good job Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman are such good friends. Because Rodman appears to have let slip a major state
It's official: Dennis Rodman and North Korea's Kim Jong Un are BFF. The unlikely twosome were pictured cosying up at a basketball
The object launched into space by North Korea's controversial rocket launch appears to be "tumbling out of control." NBC
North Korea launched a long range rocket on Wednesday morning, defying warnings from the UN and Washington, according to