Kim Jong Un

Like father, like son: Kim Jong-Un has taken to his new position as Supreme Leader of North Korea by performing all the traditional
With so little known about the younger Kim I made it my mission to find out what I could, and present readers with 100 per cent true* Kim Jong Un facts. * And by '100 per cent true facts', I do, of course, mean 'complete and utter lies.
Leaders in North Korea have told "foolish politicians" around the world to expect no change in direction after the death
Tens of thousands of North Koreans have lined the cold streets of Pyongyang to bid farewell to former leader Kim Jong Il
Hysteria, sadness, wailing, tears, anger. All can be seen in the video. To many viewers it would appear that the death of Kim Jong-Il has rocked the North Korean nation to its very core and that they have lost a man they adored with every ounce of their being. That conclusion is easy to come too but if you dig deeper what you'll find instead is a different outpouring, an artificial one.
North Korea may be threatening as it is equally mysterious to outsiders, but with the old guard there has always been logic behind their every move, which essentially are aimed at the regime's survival. But as the North Korean's leader period of lying in State come to an end, what next?
North Korean state media has reported "strange natural phenomena" that it says proves nature is "mourning" the death of Kim
North Korea took steps to further seal itself off from the outside world on Tuesday, as the country continued to mourn the
The United States had led calls for a stable transition of power in North Korea as dead leader Kim Jong Il was shown lying
Dictators have always been a rare and persecuted breed. In the 20th century, 77% of all dictators had at least one assassination attempt made against them. Saluting military parades from a balcony while embezzling most of your country's GDP seems, increasingly, like a dying art.
The initial reaction to the news amongst my coworkers, as I sit here in Seoul, is of fear and trepidation. Not one of celebration as you might expect. Nobody is jumping for joy, no one is cheering. Instead, as we sat down for lunch together, people ate solemnly.
You can blame Team America: World Police, you can blame Kim Jong Il Looking At Things, you can blame his penchant for geek
An extraordinary video has been posted by North Korean state media that appears to show people weeping hysterically over
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is dead, state television in Pyongyang has announced. Kim, who was known as the "dear leader