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After attempting to “break the Internet” at the tail-end of last year, Kim Kardashian is at it again, baring her naked bum
If you’ve always been an admirer of Kim Kardashian’s most famous asset (no, not Kanye West) then you too could soon have
Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio managed to upstage Kim Kardashian at a party in New York on Wednesday night, thanks
So why do I feel a bit weird about it? Like does anyone else think she looks ridiculously out of proportion? Am I the only one who thinks that an attractive human being is one whose head, legs and middle all look like they belong to the same person?
The Editorial Director of Paper Magazine - which features that shot of Kim Kardashian on its cover - has spoken out about
Ever since Kim Kardashian attempted to 'break the internet' by unleashing her very naked bum on the world (wide web), there
Chelsea Handler has made her feelings known over Kim Kardashian’s already-infamous ‘bum’ photo, and it seems like she is
We’re still reeling from the photos of Kim Kardashian posing for Paper magazine with her bum out… but it turns out that was
Then there are some who’ve set to work altering Kim K herself… And even moving her completely… When Kim Kardashian’s latest
Kim Kardashian's bum has been attempting to make a bid for freedom for years and now it has finally happened. READ MORE: Thought