King Abdullah

Westminster Abbey claimed that failing to fly the flag at half mast in tribute to King Abdullah would, "make a noticeably aggressive comment." Actually, I don't think it would be aggressive enough.
A Saudi Arabian historian has appeared on national TV to deliver his theories as to why the country is the only one in the
The Jordanian government has released a highly choreographed video shows its fighter jets preparing to bomb Syria. State
King Abdullah II has vowed revenge against Islamic State "He said there is going to be retribution like ISIS hasn't seen
It was noted some of the all-male Saudi delegation chose not to shake Mrs Obama's hand However it was also noted that Mrs
Many of the gushing tributes to King Abdullah have painted him as a man of peace and a force for good. In reality he was the figurehead of one of the most violent and oppressive governments in the world.
In 2015, is money more important than morality? Should we ignore the attendance of our Prince and Prime Minister at the funeral of someone who was no less than a dictator running a terrorist organisation? Surely with the general election coming up, Cameron should have perhaps considered the outrage that might be voiced in the UK rather than the importance of international relations with a corrupt, murderous government.
Whether or not David Cameron and Prince Charles needed to make the geo-political pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia is probably not for me to say, but there's no question that the backdrop to their visit is striking.
Mensch has form for online outbursts. In October she suggested voters would "not risk" the Labour Party should there be a
World leaders have rushed to pay gushing tributes to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia following the death of the world's oldest
Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 troops to its border with Iraq after a video emerged showing 2,500 Iraqi soldiers deserting
The Jordanian Royal Family have played the whole 'snow in the Middle East' thing very well. King Abdullah, of the Hashemite
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is clinically dead, according to reports from London-based journalist working for Asharq Alawsat
The principal-agent framework has wider implications that are applicable to all Middle Eastern countries. For example, beyond the removal of the principal and his immediate family, can the broader regime of agents and networks of patronage be removed?
At the moment academic literature on the Arab Spring fixates on the monarchical exceptionalism argument - that is, the tendency for Arab monarchies to largely avoid the conflict of the Arab Spring (while Arab authoritarian regimes have been overthrown).
Saudi Arabia will allow women to compete under its flag in the Olympic Games for the first time this summer. The decision
Hamas is quite an unpopular organisation amongst the West and its allies. Yet the Jordanian government, which receives billions of dollars of aid from the US, has recently invited Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas leader whom it expelled ten years ago, for official talks in Amman.
At least 70 people have been killed in Syria in one of the bloodiest days since the uprising began in March, according to
King Abdullah of Jordan has become the first Arab leader to publically state that Syrian President Bashar al Assad should
It's unlikely the constitutional reforms announced in both Jordan and Morocco will be sufficient in the medium to long term but it is a significant step as the region's monarchs begin to grapple with challenge to their authority.