king richard III

Richard III's complete skeleton Prof Rutty, of East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit, said "just because he was a king did
A scan showing facial injuries sustained by King Richard III A further, potentially fatal injury to his pelvis was also discovered
Centuries after Richard III became the last monarch to die in battle, the High Court has ruled it is time for the remains
It's probably not the final chapter that King Richard III had in mind. The battle over his remains will reach the High Court
Britain’s last Plantagenet King is to be buried in Leicester under a raised tomb carved from Yorkshire limestone, it has
A judge has granted relatives of King Richard III permission to challenge plans to rebury the Plantagenet's remains in Leicester
The long lost remains of England's King Richard III, missing for 500 years The team from University of Leicester Archaeological
A facial reconstruction of King Richard III is going on display in Leicester's Guildhall on the first stop of a nationwide
The grave of a medieval knight has been found under an old city car park in Edinburgh Old Town. Alongside the nobleman's
There will be no grand tomb marking the final resting place of King Richard III, cathedral chiefs say. The design brief for