King's College London

King's College London students have the highest risk of being victims of violent crime, burglary or robbery, while their
The force is strong with pranksters The Jester Lads. The trio went to King's College London and had some fun with the students
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Muslim students have vented their frustration and anger over being "demonised" by the public and the media after two men
The English Defence League (EDL) is exploiting concerns surrounding sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda, a university
A top university has asked its students to take part in a cocaine study - and they'll get paid to do so. The Huffington Post
Hundreds of people shout mercilessly at a single outcast person until they have removed that particular item of clothing. It's almost as if the American student population aren't aware that people's choice of clothes do not necessarily match, through the random and arbitrary association of color, their actual views, opinions and sporting inclinations.
It has come to the point where I find myself yearning for conversation that doesn't begin with the phrase "Oh my god, do you have an accent?" or any of its equally obnoxious and evil counterparts. In the beginning, I admit, it was rather fun and for a while I even played up to it.
Leading universities are backing a new venture offering students free access to courses. Futurelearn, launched by the Open
Thinking back to the student riots a couple of years back, you'd be forgiven for feeling like you'd had enough of students. Think again: not all of us are swinging from the Cenotaph to try and get our voices heard (what was it you were trying to say exactly, Charlie Gilmore?).