King's College London

Two weeks ago, strange coded messages hummed along the wires between the Inigo Rooms, King's College London's new exhibition space in Somerset House, and the British Library in St Pancras.
The first ever satellite system to monitor deforestation across Latin America in near-real time has revealed that in parts
In March this year, it was reported that a number of students and lecturers had come out in criticism of the Prevent counter-terrorism strategy, arguing that it was "open to discriminatory interpretations" and that it unfairly singled out the risk of Islamist extremism as a threat.
Penicillin doses for children need to be reviewed to take account of the fact youngsters are getting heavier, experts have
Scientists have found the body protects itself from cancer in the same way it responds to allergies. According to the new
Doctors are giving dying cancer patients “false hopes” by prescribing costly drugs when there is little evidence that they
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- High blood pressure is linked to an increased risk of developing cancer, the largest study on the issue