If serious and sustained pressure is not brought to bear upon Joseph Kabila's regime, he has the political and legal instruments to engineer a dynastic rule.
Two South African soldiers were wounded, one critically, in an early morning assault by Mai Mai guerrillas.
Opposition protests in Kinshasa in September have left dozens dead, with the protesters retaliating by burning police officers in turn.
Africa is monolithic to people on this side of the world only out of convenience, maybe fear, lack of information in mainstream media or our prevailing sloppy attitude to language. Only imagine that once we start breaking the continent into individual countries, it will open the flood gates of unknown knowledge that for some may be beautifully eye-opening and for others painfully petrifying.
Three terror attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been repulsed by the country's army - including one on the
The 'declarations', which are separate but contain essentially the same points, were supposed to be signed earlier this month, but this was delayed because of disagreement about the title of the document.