kit malthouse

A Whitehall inquiry is reportedly under way over how the chancellor's wife's non-dom status was revealed to the media.
Kit Malthouse said he understood why people were 'disappointed' that only 12,000 refugees had arrived in the UK so far.
"I'm not an investigator, my job to seek reassurance...I have to take that at face value."
Kit Malthouse was responding to new reports that drug traces have been found in Westminster.
Kit Malthouse says coming up with precise guidance was a "Scotch egg moment".
Featuring the Battle for Manchester, weird excuses for not feeding children, and a politician's nether regions.
Police minister Kit Malthouse and Boris Johnson are among those who have publicly mixed up the rules – and they created them.
The justifications, which range from vouchers going straight to a "crack den" to "nationalising children", have a lot of people scratching their heads.
Kit Malthouse says there is "plenty of information out there on the internet".