To run away from fires and evacuate was scary for the teachers and children alike.
"When this all blows over they will erect more shacks which will be engulfed by fire again."
How on earth do you start to rebuild your life when you've lost everything?
I saw a lady wiping up the dignity she once had, a humble RDP house/shack with a broom.
Knysna Municipality says fires that destroyed homes and resulted in multiple deaths are now contained and the town is "open for business".
Insurance companies say insurance premiums in the southern Cape are also expected to rise.
Gail force winds up to 97 km/h have sustained several flare ups.
The immediate priority is to provide for the homeless and destitute.
Efforts to come together in the aftermath of the devastation have been 'amazing', said Knysna deputy mayor Peter Myers.
Authorities have warned that the fires are still ongoing, but the worst appears to be over.