Koh Samui

After seven days of sun, sea, sand, yoga, massage, sauna, "mild juices", clear broth and water-based irrigation, I hope to emerge looking considerably less like someone who has spent the last two years bouncing like a pinball between rage, fear and anxiety.
A body has been found in the search for a British man who went missing after a speedboat capsized in Thailand. Authorities
Fifteen years ago I backpacked through Thailand and although it was a wonderful adventure, the budget accommodation side to it never did appeal to me; staying in windowless rooms with bunk-beds and stale air...Sleep - an impossible thing to achieve because of the bedbugs partying beneath me!
Set on a hillside on the south dast coast of Samui with stunning views over Lamai bay, Banyan Tree is the epitome of an idyllic get-away retreat. On arrival, flower garland in hand, sipping fresh, ice cold coconut water and looking out on to the sapphire waters of the Gulf of Thailand, I can't help but feel peace and serenity take over.
What is the most amazing holiday you've ever had? It's SO hard to decide isn't it, and you always change your mind at the last minute, don't you? Okay, so how about the top five countries you've ever been to? Well, I recently arrived back from an idyllic trip to Thailand, and I can honestly say that it's now up there on both counts for me...
The 'WOW' factor whacks you in the face as you enter W Retreat, Samui. A gigantic silver W shimmers proudly on the cliffside against the clear blue sea. Emerald and fuschia booths dotted in a shallow infinity pool, cup cool cocktail sippers, and downtempo beats set the mood.
Arriving in Koh Samui, I was greeted by a friendly Absolute Sanctuary driver and taken to this healthy hideaway, located in a quiet part of the Island. Absolute Sanctuary is Thailand's premier detox and yoga resort and just five minutes from the airport, a stunning Moroccan-inspired boutique resort for those seeking a holiday to rejuvenate, unwind and lead a healthy lifestyle.
There are many spas on Koh Samui Island, but none that are as sophisticated and unique as Kamalaya. This is one seriously good spa holiday, guest teachers and practitioners fly in from all over the world and the therapists are world class.
Say the word "yoga" and most people will think of people assuming strange shapes with their bodies to stretch and contort their muscles.
This place is about letting go, on so many levels: of bad habits, negative thoughts, repetitive behaviour, the inclination to judge and be judged. It's a misconception that yoga is all about achieving bliss.