Korean Peninsula

The propaganda stunt came days after nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the US fell apart.
The de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula was top of the agenda at the first meeting between North Korea and Russia since 2011. Vladimir Putin highlighted that both Russia and the US want North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons, while Kim Jong Un asked for security guarantees in order to do so. The leaders also discussed sanctions, which are currently affecting both countries.
Here’s what North Koreans are being told about the Singapore summit.
If Trump sticks to his strange blend of isolationism and belligerent unilateralism, other countries and actors will need to step in to help give the Koreas a moral and financial steer
A dozen bodyguards guided the leader’s limo in a V-Formation as he was ferried to the world’s most heavily armed border to greet South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.