My Nest In Kurdistan is a reflection of the current state of Kurdish youth, their thoughts as the semi-autonomous region progresses and their aspirations.
Muslim youth in Southern Kurdistan staged a protest against what they perceived to be a blasphemous article published in a local magazine about Islam. Hundreds of youth took to the streets in the city of Hewlêr, some of them burnt down shops that sold alcohol, while others tried to storm governmental institutions.
Kurdish people have suffered under the Syrian Ba'ath regime for decades. They have been victims of a judicial system that sought to protect the rights of Arabs, while neglecting Kurdish people.
Halabja is a Kurdish town in Southern Kurdistan, and Northern Iraq. It is nearly 150 miles north-east of Baghdad, and has a rich history. It is home to Adela Khanum, an iconic feminist Kurdish figure, who was honoured with the title of "Princess of the brave" and helped save lives of British soldiers during World War I.