Kurdistan Regional Government

The Kurdish proverb 'we have no friends but the mountains' has proven that the Kurds do have friends, not only the diaspora but everyone who is against IS/ISIS.
When commentators were vociferously claiming that Iraq had gone to hell in a handcart following the invasion of ten years ago, I took my wife and son to Iraq for a holiday. I know that most people would think it eccentric to put 'holiday' and 'Iraq' in the same sentence but they are missing out.
It is no secret that Kurdistan has become wealthy, and that they are developing rapidly with a modern outlook on life. However, this does not mean that the Kurds must neglect their past, and not seek justice for the crimes that were committed against them under the Ba'aath party regime.
Apart from struggling for political independence, the Kurds are now steadily stabilising in the Kurdistan Region under the leadership of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).
Talabani will leave behind a legacy that only a few can achieve in their lifespan. Indeed, he united both Kurds and Arabs, and devoted his life to both the Iraqi and Kurdish Cause. A good leader leads by example, and I am certain that through Mam Jalal's achievements and struggle, he has opened a box of hope for the future of both Iraq and the Kurdistan region.
One of the most famous captions of all time has been 'life is but a stage'. The stage has been set for the Kurdish Nation
I decided to leave my footprint by arranging for Healthy Planet, a British Charity, to provide me with 20,000 British Books, so that I could transfer it to a deserted public library in the Kurdistan Region.
The uneasiness of the Iranian regime was obvious at the US presence in Iraq, sanctions and the inevitability of Syrian regime falling. However, as soon as the US army leave, Iran would be let off the hook and Tehran's influence will extend from Afghanistan to Lebanon.