Kylie Jenner

She's also a fan of 19-year-old makeup prodigy Ariel Tejada - her sky-high false lashes, nude lips and clever contouring
After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner has admitted her plump lips are the result of temporary lip fillers. "I have temporary
After a year of denials, Kylie Jenner has finally admitted that her plump lips are the result of temporary lip fillers, and
Kylie Jenner has filed an application to trademark her name, because obviously, she’s the first person we all think of when
It’s been another busy ol’ week in showbiz and we’re barely had time to stop for breath between all of the weird and wonderful
Kris Jenner also posted a loving message: Bruce Jenner's family have shared their support for the 65-year-old star, following
Kylie Jenner has spoken out over a recent social media trend, inspired by her lips. SEE MORE: This Is Why You Should Be Careful
I have a confession to make, I'm a little bit in love with Kylie Jenner. I love the blue hair, the fabulous sheer all-in
Cate Blanchett: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER If Kim Kardashian ever wants to employ a decoy, she could do a
An Australian woman has been left with an accidental trout pout after using a lip enhancer to emulate 'Keeping Up With The
Four members of the Kardashian family are believed to have been involved in a car accident in Montana. According to reports
Khloe Kardashian By way of response, Amber posted a meme of Kanye West - her ex-boyfriend, who is now married to Khloe’s
Recently, there has been an explosion of A-List celebrities and YouTube megastars gaining their own book deals, with the likes of publishing giants such as Penguin. From teen idols Kendall and Kylie Jenner to online sensation Zoe Sugg, announcements seem to be springing up from everywhere about a new piece of fiction, written by your favourite pop star.
Alrighty then The big winners on the night were teen drama ‘Pretty Little Liars’, which bagged four of the coveted surfboard
Celebrities at the Coachella Music Festival have all the fun, don’t they? There’s no need for wellies or raincoats at this
Kendall Jenner We can presumably look forward to seeing the Kardashians' adventures in Thailand in a forthcoming 'holiday
Kim Kardashian has posed for a selfie while wearing her 16-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner's bikini. The 33-year-old star
It's not too much of a stretch to consider the Kardashian clan as the modern day Bennet family, but for the sake of the youngest members let's hope it's not too late to rewrite their story.
Kim Kardashian has gone one step further from the average bikini shot, and tweeted pictures of her underwater doing her best
The Kardashian sisters enjoyed a girly day of shopping in LA over the weekend, and while Kim did her best to steal the limelight