Washing Machines, Lawn Mowers and the such like are all early forms of robots if you consider the word to mean a machine doing a task which was formally done by human beings or animals. Machines do not require holidays, lunch breaks or time off. Increasingly these machines are more reliable and suffer less 'time off work'.
In labs, using male mice models is often a default move. Male models are considered 'easier' and more uniform.
There are some things that you should just double check: whether it's making sure that you've locked the door, seeing if
In October 2012, over 40 organisations involved with bioscience in the UK signed a Declaration on Openness on Animal Research
Given our expanding understanding of animals' needs and their capacity to experience suffering, it is clear that some of the current provisions for animals are not the highest standards that could be possible.
Scientists are helping a man grow a new nose, it was reported today. Experts at University College London are using the man's
On Saturday 23 June, as part of Southbank Centre's Sounds Venezuela 2012 Residency with Gustavo Dudamel and the Simón Bolívar