labour conference 2014

Labour's plan to hit houses worth over £2 million with a so-called 'mansion tax' would be "very disruptive" and hurt house
The Tories have "abandoned" David Cameron's flagship Big Society agenda and lurched right-wards, according to the guru who
Burnham said: "She was in a nursing home where corners were often cut and where it was hard to get GPs to visit. The decent
Ed Miliband has been publicly rebuked by The Horrors after one of their songs was played at Labour's annual conference before
Labour has been trying to repair its credibility on the economy as senior figures worry that the party's failure at the 2010
Ed Miliband is "kicking into the long grass" the question of whether only English MPs should be able to vote on English laws
Ed Miliband has come under fire for dropping any mention of Britain's deficit in his Labour conference address, after planning
There are two things you need to know about Ed Miliband's setpiece speech at Labour's last party conference before the 2015
Ed Miliband has just given his final party conference speech before the general election, pledging to hit tax avoiders, tobacco
Labour wants to attract migrants with the "right skills, not no skills" as the party pushes to curb the number of EU migrants