Everyone knows that, at any job interview, they will ask you where you see yourself in five years' time. It would be foolhardy not to prepare for that question. But it would also be a bit daft to only prepare for that question. You wouldn't expect to get the job if you said 'I think this job is essentially pointless for half a decade and I have no idea what I'd do with my time until then'. Even if your plans for five years later were awesome.
Labour will conduct a country-wide investigation into why millions of supporters switched to Ukip in the General Election
John Healey has pulled out of the race for deputy Labour leader after it emerged that front-runners Tom Watson and Caroline
Labour must appeal directly to Tory supporters to win the 2020 election instead of “cobbling together” a coalition of disaffected
Today I am entering the race to be Labour's deputy leader because I believe I can help us to recover, rebuild and win in 2020... Over the course of this campaign I will travel the country to listen to the people who did the hard graft in this election. We need a root and branch review - not of our navels - but of the practical things we need to do to make our party stronger. I'm not standing in this election to be a commentator, I'm standing in this election because I want to fix the problems we have and help us move forward as a united Party. Together, we can win in 2020.