labour manifesto leak

Our new manifesto will set out our ambitions in full. It is packed full of policies that will lift women - and consequently men, children and older people too - by focusing on social infrastructure, and creating a caring economy that works for individuals, families and communities while also growing and sustaining the economy. Since the Women's Equality Party started, we've seen other parties pick up our ideas and policies. This was always part of our plan - we just wish they'd take more of them and in greater detail. To help them do so, we'll be sending out our manifesto to all the other parties with a note attached: "steal me".
This week' show sees the HuffPost UK Politics team examine the Kremlinology behind who leaked Labour's manifesto and why. Was it the shadow cabinet? Was it Labour HQ? Or was it Jeremy Corbyn's team itself? Labour also launched its campaign poster this morning, which one of the team describes as, "basic".
Accidental or not, the leak nonetheless looks inspired in all senses of the word. It remains to be seen, however, whether Labour can use the opportunity it has created to switch the narrative of this election onto their agenda.