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The Daily Mail today published a cartoon likening Muslim refugees to rats, a move which has been met with wide spread hostility
Veteran Labour MP Austin Mitchell has raised eyebrows by choosing to compare a watchdog's reduced budget to having anorexia
Ukip would "decimate" Britain's aid budget and hamper efforts to tackle the Ebola virus, a Labour MP has suggested. Speaking
Galloway speaking in today's Iraq War debate "The only way a force that size could successfully hold the territory they hold
Labour MP Austin Mitchell has suggested that women prefer to discuss family and "social issues" rather than "big issues like
A Scottish Labour MP has hit out at how "poisonous" the debate over Scotland's independence has become after pro-independence
Labour MP Paul Goggins has died a week after collapsing while out running. The 60-year-old MP for the Greater Manchester
The Sun newspaper has offered an apology to Manchester's Labour MP Lucy Powell after it included her on a 'top 10 lazy MPs
The Sun newspaper has apologised to Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh and said it will pay "very substantial" damages over phone
A politician's "spur of the moment" idea for Comic Relief left her more than £14,000 out of pocket after promising £1 for