Labour Party

Labour Leader Ed Miliband is to urge for parliament to sit for an extra day on Wednesday to discuss the phone hacking crisis
The long-delayed Open Public Services White Paper finally appeared on Monday July 11th, but hardly anyone noticed. Why is a comprehensive policy framework needed?
There are many negative feelings one might reasonably have towards Gordon Brown - pity, disappointment or even anger - but hatred? Pure, visceral, unadulterated hatred? I'm not sure where that comes from - but wherever it is, it's a dark and unpleasant place indeed...
With nearly 4,500 young people unemployed in Brighton & Hove, high rents, rising prices and low wages the Brighton have many issues that need attention. The impact of zero growth, a Green Party manifesto commitment, can be seen in the number of empty shops in the city centre
By 196 votes to 41, Labour MPs have endorsed Ed Miliband's proposal to abolish bi-annual elections to the Shadow Cabinet and allow him to pick its members. If endorsed by Labour's autumn conference (and it will) this will mean that the leader, and only the leader, can decide who will sit on the Front Bench.
Fresh from accusing Tom Baldwin of commissioning a private investigator to blag details of a bank account, Lord Ashcroft
Rupert Murdoch's bid to control BSkyB is under fresh pressure today as parliament prepares to vote against the £8bn deal
Labour's call for News Corporation to withdraw their troubled BSkyB bid until after criminal investigations are completed
Gordon Brown was "in tears" when his son's medical records were published in The Sun, the former Prime Minister said this
Could it be that banks now rely on computer based risk models, so when the 'computer says no' its nothing personal. It's the computers fault, not the friendly bank manager giving your innovative business idea the thumbs down or cutting off access to cash during your liquidity issues.