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Gordon Brown was "in tears" when his son's medical records were published in The Sun, the former Prime Minister said this
Could it be that banks now rely on computer based risk models, so when the 'computer says no' its nothing personal. It's the computers fault, not the friendly bank manager giving your innovative business idea the thumbs down or cutting off access to cash during your liquidity issues.
When is a U-turn more than a U-turn? When it's a U-turn on a strategy about using the word U-turn. The Labour party, previously
"The British economy is indeed recovering...economic growth is now strong" and "it will become stronger" as a result of the work the Government is doing. This was the Business Secretary Vince Cable speaking in the House of Commons on 13 January.
Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Simon Hughes today indicated he would vote with Labour to try and halt News Corp's takeover
We need food security at home and abroad, and greater transparency in how food commodities are traded globally, as Oxfam and others are calling for. People power helped fuel a rethink on the Common Fisheries Policy through the work of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Channel 4's Fish Fight campaign; now we need to do the same on food.
Tony Blair has condemned phone hacking as "beyond disgusting" and "sickening". Speaking to an audience of Labour supporters
Sitting opposite Labour members has been an instructive experience over the last fourteen months. For them debt - and the accumulation of it - is an alien concept. To every cut they shout "shame"; to every saving they accuse us of attacking the vulnerable and dispossessed. But to the central question of the national finances, they offer little comment - other than a repetition of whatever Ed Balls is offering from his wonderland that day.
Ken Livingstone has demanded Boris Johnson answers a series of questions on the phone hacking scandal. In an email sent to
Labour didn't do a very good job with its manifesto pledge and didn't do very good job of implementing Home Information Packs and there must be lesson contained within this very recent history.