Labour Students

Tuesday's decision by the party NEC was about building a group that is open and inclusive rather than inaccessible and out of touch, writes Jawad Khan
More than 40 years after its battles with Trotskyist Militant, organisation set to be replaced.
Party’s ruling NEC to hear urgent motion from Momentum founder Jon Lansman.
Labour students warn party's Brexit plan would cost more than cash promised for department budget.
Critics say union block votes are creating 'unfair' system
Plan for one-member, one vote election for key ruling body.
The suggestion this is some Momentum run factional ‘warfare’ is a far-fetched conspiracy
It has been an interesting year for the Labour Party. With Brexit and the general election that nearly saw the ‘End of May
Another leftward shift expected on the party's ruling body.
Other previous NEC youth reps lined up to criticise the move.  Callum Munro said the change was a “cynical, factional move
The Conservatives are just papering over the cracks of a crisis they have created
Move follows growing criticism from Corybn supporters.
Labour students have decided to “no platform” the leader of Manchester City Council after they discovered he had received
The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. CREDITS ROLL It’s PMQs day again and Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will have lots of topics to choose from. The PM may
Long-serving ex-Head of Risk Management speaks out
But Shadow Attorney General Baroness Chakrabarti, who conducted an investigation into the allegations of anti-semitism last
And backers of Mr Elliott, including Shadow Equalities Minister and Corbyn ally Cat Smith, point out he went to a state school