It's that time of year again (although the weather would certainly disagree); with spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, candy colours are back! Flicking through the glossy pages of this month's Vogue, I can't help but be drawn to the ice blues, gentle lilacs, soft pinks, mint greens and lemon yellows.
When we found out that Marc Jacobs had eschewed the tuxedo for the 2012 Met Gala red carpet, we really wanted like it. Thing
Girls pass round 'dirty' books at school. It's our equivalent of the boy's porn tape (although I guess it's DVD now).  There
She loves flashing her undies, does Lady Gaga. (We imagine she was the type to show her knickers to the boys in the school
Could this be the most popular frock of the season? Kylie Minogue was snapped out in London last night wearing a very familiar
Lady Gaga was spotted pounding the New York pavement in another lace and underwear outfit on Saturday.
It's all been relatively quiet on the Leona Lewis front of late, but it looks as though we're about to be seeing a lot more