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With the final issue of FHM hitting the shelves this week, the death knell on the lads mag phenomenon was no doubt met with a cheer from many - I'd feel the same way if I thought this had anything to do with a positive shift in perception towards women and sexuality.
But while men's mags as we know them may be dead, lad culture is still very much alive, and so is the demand for saucy, bantz-laden content. And in this new space, meme machine The Lad Bible is the undisputed king.
What started as a progressive movement where men, and women, could be their beautiful, imperfect selves, attracted these same people. Because the freedom to be yourself is all well and good unless you're a pr*ck. If you're a pr*ck, be someone else.
FHM and Zoo magazines are due to suspend publication, it was announced on Tuesday, as the two lads' mags join a host of titles
Playboy made history last month when it announced it would be removing images of naked women from its print magazine. The
The news that Playboy magazine may no longer feature nude models is no surprise. From next March, the print version of Playboy
Playboy made history on Monday when it announced it will be removing images of naked women from its print magazine. The magazine
As everyone knows, the term 'Lad' stands for Loud And (therefore) Depressed. For centuries, little has been known unto the origin of this mythical creature. Until now. Welsh scientist Llyn Granger, who accidentally came across it whilst developing a cure for Mormonism, first noticed the 'Lad' particle in 1994
Have lads' mags finally learned to respect women? The relaunch cover of Loaded doesn't contain any nude lady pictures, and
If young men (and let's not forget, young women) get used to seeing females as mute, subservient, sexual objects that have been polished, positioned and posed to meet men's needs, they will consciously or subconsciously make assumptions about the roles of men and women in society.