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For the first night of a thirty day long festival, she really did lay down the gauntlet for everyone that has to follow her with a hugely entertaining show. It was a Lady Gaga performance in its best form. Well sung, memorable, plenty to talk about. Everything good far outweighed the bad.
Lady Gaga performs 'Sex Dreams' However, nothing performed seemed to possess the instantaneous anthemic-ness of previous
Lady Gaga has confirmed the first single from her forthcoming 'ARTPOP' album is called 'Applause' and has unveiled the single's
Lady Gaga has sent her fans into meltdown on Twitter after a simple photo of her posing completely naked appeared online
Lady Gaga was back to her usual self on Thursday She was also back in her KILLER heels, after previously being warned about
Lady Gaga has revealed the name of her third album will be ARTPOP. And she's insisting it's spelt in capital letters... The
Lady Gaga is one. Big. Fat. Tease. Gaga has given us the biggest clue yet as to what her next album will be called as she