Lancaster University

A team at Lancaster University hope their vaccine alternative will also reduce transmission.
Hard-up students are also being charged £7 for a laundry service – three times what it would usually cost to do it themselves.
Imagine changing channels with a simple wave of the cup.
Researchers at Lancaster University have developed a “revolutionary” new technology that could turn just about any object
While putting a face to discrimination makes unfairness personal and provides a clear point of connection, if we are to push forward real change it is important to look beyond individuals. We need instead to address a legacy of pay systems built on informal often invisible networks and hidden negotiations that reproduce and sustain inequality.
Babies’ preference for other human faces begins before they have even left the womb, according to new research. The study
Choosing a subject to study at degree level is the first big hurdle in the university application process. Being able to make a strong, confident decision at this stage can make the whole application process easier and prevent concerns from growing about whether or not you've made the right decision. Unfortunately, it's rarely an easy decision to make when there are so many different considerations to bear in mind.
With hindsight I can see that I had little to worry about regarding Fresher's Week and adapting to university style learning. But as a sixth form student with no family who had been to university, my fears surrounding how I would fit in grew considerably. If you happen to be in a similar situation, I hope that this article goes at least a small way to minimising your concerns.
As a trans person going to the toilet in public is scary. I used to get really anxious, which made me need to go even more. I used to go the whole day holding it in just out of fear. Many trans people face violence and ridicule when they go to the toilet of their gender.