Lance Armstrong

She has suffered six years of personal hell, having her reputation, her emotions and even her weight ridiculed. But the more
Tyler Hamilton has blasted Pat McQuaid's "hypocrisy" after the UCI chief labelled him and Floyd Landis as "scumbags" for
Lance Armstrong has been formally stripped of his cycling titles, including seven Tour de France wins, by the International
A week on from the publication of USADA's reasoned decision and supporting evidence for imposing a lifetime ban on Lance Armstrong and removing his seven Tour de France wins from the record books, things are not getting any easier for the Texan.
Lance Armstrong has been dropped by global sportswear giant Nike after they decided there was "insurmountable evidence that
Read any biography of a great man or woman and you will almost always find evidence of the ruthlessness, cruelties and immoralities that arose from their single-minded pursuit of greatness.
I don't care about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. I don't mean to diminish the man at all, if he were a friend I'd be upset for him. Nor am I about to segue into a rant about the insignificance of the issue in comparison to the starving children in Africa or some other social injustice, because I can't honestly claim to spend much time thinking about that day to day either.
David Cameron addressed the party faithful, British Gas put its prices up and the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize. It was, we
Eleven of cyclist Lance Armstrong’s ex-teammates have testified against him for an investigation by the United States Anti
If you want to stop worrying about drugs in sport, just stop testing. If we presume that everyone is doing everything they possibly can to win, then it's safe to assume that everyone will be on drugs and it's definitely a level playing field again.