Lance Armstrong

Reputation cannot be owned; it is the prevailing view of an organisation. Reputations are impacted by all publicly available data and coverage. An important component is the view, held by the public, opinion leaders and other stakeholders, of the industry an organisation is part of.
Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has called for a US Government lawsuit against him to be dismissed. Armstrong, 41, is accused
Froome tightened his grip on the Tour lead When Armstrong's name was mentioned atop Mont Ventoux yesterday, the 28-year-old
Cycling cheat Lance Armstrong says the sport cannot reform while Pat McQuaid remains president of the Union Cycliste Internationale
Lance Armstrong is being sued by the US government, accused of defrauding the Postal Service by taking millions of dollars
I play devil's advocate here only to drive home the point: we need biological manipulation to make sport a spectacle. In fact, I will rephrase that: sport IS biological manipulation. The more pertinent question is to what extent is biological manipulation fair? And can we justify accepting certain forms but not others?
It has been, we think you'll agree, something of a bleak week. No hilarious Pope stories. No unexpected horsemeat discoveries
Lance Armstrong has abandoned his plans to return to competitive sport this week after swimming's world governing body objected
Lance Armstrong is planning to make a return to competitive sport as a swimmer this weekend. The disgraced American cyclist
Lance Armstrong is the ultimate inspiration for writers, and you can learn a lot about storytelling from his story over the last 20 years. He's an unreliable narrator and a great mix of hero and villain. When you're forming a story, this type of character is the most seductive of all.