The new limited edition collection also features rose-inspired shades of Cushion Blush, Juicy Shakers, eyeshadows, lipsticks
China's belligerence is making it look increasingly like the Old Testament warrior Goliath, not only in its size and power, but in its attitude to the rest of the world. But there the parallel ends, because among the international community - governments, corporations, international institutions - no David has yet appeared. On the contrary, the Goliath that is China today is holding everyone else to ransom.
Refinery 29 also reported that the Global Industry Analysts predicted the skin whitening industry will be worth £14 billion
An Orthodox Jewish woman has filed a lawsuit against Lancome claiming its “24hr foundation” does not last the prescribed
EVOLUTION OF BEAUTY Why is it that when share prices plummet, sales of cosmetics soar? When it comes to explaining economic theories, it's just a case of history, as Bethan Cole reports.
Lancome is getting patriotic already, just in time for the Diamond Jubilee.
Okay, so we were in two minds about covering this but we decided we would, if only to raise a few points.
Emma Watson has offered advice to teenagers - "feel comfortable in your own skin". The 21-year-old Harry Potter star, in