land expropriation without compensation

King Goodwill Zwelithini and Cyril Ramaphosa have kissed and made up, with the monarch now assured that land belonging to tribal authorities will not be expropriated.
'A threat to property rights cuts to the heart of a free society, the confidence in its economy and the scope of individuals to live as they choose.'
But they 'do not see eye to eye' on all the details of land expropriation.
'The government must get out of the business of running businesses, and get into the business of building the country.'
The Zulu king is calling on his subjects to increase their donations towards his fund to fight any changes to the Ingonyama Trust in court.
'We need land to build our homes, develop sports grounds and local industrial sites to uplift the township's economy through business,' Constitutional Review Committee hears.
In both Northern Cape and Limpopo, the Constitutional Review Committee heard that people support land expropriation without compensation — and if necessary, a constitutional amendment.
Post-1994 development has hardly shifted away from apartheid-era patterns of land use.
Director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights unpacks what the process of the public hearings on land reform and what the process entails.
The constitutional review committee will engage with members of the public from Tuesday on whether Section 25 of the constitution should be amended.