land expropriation without compensation

The ANC's economic transformation committee chair reportedly told Australian media that the constitution would not have to be amended... for now.
'Chiefdoms rarely formed on virgin land – they were usually established over pre-existing populations who retained their land.'
"Our main objective remains to ensure that as many citizens as possible are provided with an opportunity to raise their views in the interest of participatory democracy."
'We are keenly aware of the severe policy uncertainty facing agriculture in the form of expropriation without compensation (EWC).'
'The real test for Ramaphosa’s presidency is how he will respond to the immediate pressing needs.'
"We are led by dumb people… They cannot think. They think of their family and their stomach."
The deputy president says a new Bill is designed to ensure that communities own communal land they live on.
"Compensation for expropriation is not actually about compensation – perhaps not even about land."
CEO Kallie Kriel of the Afrikaner rights group responds to HuffPost's Tuesday interview with the ANC's Ronald Lamola.
ANC NEC member Ronald Lamola explains the importance of land expropriation and how it will benefit people.