land expropriation without compensation

The ANC's Ronald Lamola urges South Africans – and AfriForum – to engage and discuss redistributing land constitutionally, rather than seeking foreign aid.
ANC NEC member Ronald Lamola says nothing will stand in the way of the party getting land expropriated without compensation.
The party has identified four types of land that can be targeted for expropriation without compensation
There's lots of chatter about the ANC's decision regarding changing the Constitution. Arm yourself, and know the facts.
"Land is about dignity, it's about identity, it is about security..." - President Cyril Ramaphosa
“Land is about dignity, it's about identity, it is about security,” said the president at the ANC summit to discuss expropriation without compensation.
Snuggle up and watch the week that was.
The party's senior members are divided over whether section 25 of the Constitution should be amended, and whether all land should be nationalised.
Agricultural economist Wandile Sihlobo said there isn’t a clear path on how to involve youth in the agricultural sector.
The land question is a black and white question – but first South Africa must "deracialise ownership", the Zimbabwean politician told #NAMPO2018 listeners.