land expropriation without compensation

Zimbabwean politician Dr Simba Makoni says that South Africa can learn a lot from Zimbabwe’s failed reform – but must first "deracialise" the land debate.
Farmers and an agribusinessman interviewed at the #NAMPO2018 agricultural event give their perceptions on the sensitive land-expropriation debate.
Two panels of experts at a Free State agricultural event warned of various dangers to consider if land expropriation without compensation is rolled out.
"This is not about land. It is about the loss of votes by the ANC."
He said that bonded houses will be detached from the land they stand on through expropriation without compensation.
The economy is as dangerous as it is empowering, and if you think you know better than market forces, only pain and suffering await you.
The problem with politicians who "run a country like a business", is that business is about the bottom line. Hence the Traditional And Khoi-San Affairs Bill...
Land is dignity and independence, and in our quest to restore dignity and independence to black people, black women must not be left behind.
The event spiralled out of control when ANC NEC member Ronald Lamola presented his arguments, during which he was heckled by the audience.
Many emerging farmers do not own their land and subsequently cannot provide security for loans.